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venerdì 17 marzo 2017

Abiti da sposa plus size AGNES GOWN

Da qualche anno assistiamo ad una  lotta agguerrita contro i canoni di bellezza disdicevoli  che ci vengono propinati dalle passerelle internazionali. La magrezza spropositata non è sinonimo di bellezza, anzi! Le curve, la rotondità, l’essere giunonica non sono più dei tabù: evviva la donna curvy! Molte donne non proprio filiformi credono che sia impossibile trovare l’abito da sposa dei propri sogni! Oggi, grazie  ai canoni estetici che mutano, non è più così complicato innamorarsi a prima vista di un abito da sposa plus size. Ecco un sito che viene incontro alle taglie forti esso è specializzato nella progettazione di abiti da sposa di alta qualità , secondo la propria figura per farvi sentire al meglio , il giorno delle vostre nozze .Ecco alcuni abiti presenti nella sezione PLUS SIZE WEDDING DRESSES 
Impressive Spaghetti Straps Champagne Taffeta Plus Size Wedding Dress
Impressive Spaghetti Straps Champagne Taffeta Plus Size Wedding Dress
Exquisite Sweetheart Embroidery Satin Plus Size Wedding Dress With Buttons
Exquisite Sweetheart Embroidery Satin Plus Size Wedding Dress With Buttons
Modesty Top Halter A-line Plus Size Wedding Dress With Buttons
Modesty Top Halter A-line Plus Size Wedding Dress With Buttons
Puffy Sweetheart Organza Plus Size Wedding Dress With Ruffles
Puffy Sweetheart Organza Plus Size Wedding Dress With Ruffles
Questi e tanti altri abiti da sposa e da cerimonia solo su

mercoledì 4 gennaio 2017

Shopping Sensational on

Stylewe is an online store featuring independent designers committed to providing customers with high quality products.A site where you can find Thousands of interesting clothes at competitive prices. Mini dresses, maxi dresses, evening dresses, Wrap Dresses, etc.See some Examples:
Royal Blue Elegant A-line Lace Crew Neck Midi Dress With Belt

These are just some of the clothes on the shop, now I want to introduce this section:

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lunedì 28 novembre 2016

Shopping su Stylewe!!!

Good morning, i come talk once gain of Stylewe :for those who do not remember it is an online store selling clothes and fashion accessories.This time my focus is on wallets viewable at this link .Here are some and they are really cool:

ttps:// wallet is an accessory that almost everyone we know and like many other ordinary accessories, we place in him the reassuring confidence on the quality and tireless design. The wallet is also ideal as cadeau an important friend or relative, who will remain enraptured by an object of value and is extremely useful. With zipper, or even more classic with the button, the wallet is versatile to your needs and is molded to different needs with maximum results. Be inspired by the ideal wallet for you! After having shown the wallet  I want to touch a sore spot: how to dress for a funeral.have a closet full of clothes, but for these disastrous occasions we have not always a proper dress and Stylewe comes to us:

Cotton-blend Crew Neck Elegant Solid Frill Sleeve Midi Dress
Black Turtleneck Long Sleeve Buttoned Plain Midi Dress
As you can see stylewe has everything for every occasion so do not vaste time and start shopping...soon