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giovedì 4 gennaio 2018

They say giving birth is not a hard task, but raising kid is. That is at least what most people believe, and it
is true. As a mother, you are responsible for what your child will be in the future. Even you see your kids
sitting and playing together; it does not mean they do not have their differences. However, as a parent,
you determine how kids relate to themselves and others. Below are some rules you should apply to your
Set rules
Guiding kids without regulations is tough. Setting values that are important and accepted is the best way
to raise kids. Our moral values define who we are. If you believe in respect and truth, form your rules
around those values. Let your children know that it is wrong to disrespect anyone regardless of age. This
rule will in return let them obey every other person because they believe in respect. Let the kids know
that telling the truth is far essential than telling a lie to anyone. When raising the children it is vital to
set the rule around the things that you value such as love, working hard in school, and cleanliness. By
knowing how crucial it is to follow the rules, the kids will be comfortable around you.
Be an example
You have set the rules; it is time to set an example for your kids. You cannot set regulations that you
cannot follow; it doesn’t sound logical. When it comes to being an example, kids are always attentive to
everything the parents do. That is why you ought to do everything as if the child will question you at the
end of the day. Children are imitators; they will imitate everything you do including nothing. If you are
abusive, kids will know it is just right to abuse others. If you respect your friends and family, your kids
will do the same with their friends and siblings. While you aren’t perfect, it is necessary to realize you
are like the sun in your home and your kids use your light.
Respect your children
You need respect from your children and should be aware they too want the same from you. Most
parents find themselves treating kids without respect. While your child may need guidance and
discipline, it is good to train and direct the child with respect. Respecting a child is the best way to
strengthen the bond between the two of you. It will also improve the way your child communicates to
you because he knows you treat him with respect.
Do not pressurize your children
Sometimes parents have abnormal expectations from their kids. This may cause you to pressurize the
children. For example, you pressure your child to become the top student in school when he cannot. Do
not push the child beyond limits because it might hurt him and cause him to do crazy things. It may also
affect the child mentally.

Having special moments with your kids and family is also critical. It not only strengthens your family

bond but also makes the kids feel that you value them. If you apply these rules in your upbringing, you
will raise kids with good morals.